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Gosh, I'm still here?
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United States
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Josh's Quote System:
"content" for general speaking
'content' for whispering, or when quoting someone while speaking
<content> for thoughts
"<content>" for broadcasted thoughts, via light psychic ability in most cases
content] for an out-of-rp post, at only the ending of said post
*content* for use when translating poke-speak into English

Josh's Claim to his artwork:
1. I own the concepts for personality and color scheme for each character
2. I do not own the base works that said artwork uses
3. I unofficially apply a Copyleft license to any edited sprites, since they usually can be reversed back to their original states, though the original characters are still copyrighted by their original owners. Not sure how the ripping process works, nor how simple recolors (or even the advanced edits which are based off the original sprites) can be considered property of the artists who make them, least the personalities applied to them can be considered original, right?
...well, with that in mind, I need help from you wonderful people. I haven't been on the site in literally /two years/ because I've been so wrapped up in the land of RPs and fanfiction and jotting down random thoughts in hopes that, some day, I might be able to put them into a cohesive whole that'll result in a fanfiction.

In a partial 'making up for that' effort, I'm going to give the very few people who watch me a queue - with enough feedback, I'll post the incomplete things that I'm content with letting you people help me complete. I dunno.

- Phenos (Mobian/Zangoose hybrid), story things make his mobian form impossible to reach with this being the replacement
- Conversion of Michael Jackson (From MJ's Moonwalker for the Sega Genesis) into the Starbound format, maybe I can give it to someone who's good at coding who'll turn it into a tech that allows sparkle-throwing and the shooting of boomerang hats?
- Conversion of Sonic sprites into the Starbound format, and maybe an expansion to the basic sprites for more life-like animations; I have the mental image prepared, it's the 'making the sprites' I'm going to have an issue with

- Summary of Phenos and what/who he is now, it's been six years since he was created and this is sorely needed
- Book 1 of Phenos' Travels (the parallel Mobius)
- Book 2 of Phenos' Travels (the land of Pokemon)
- Book 3 of Phenos' Travels (the land of Mystery Dungeon)
- Book 4 of Phenos' Travels (Equestria, and I'm not apologizing for this)
- A full character list, possibly with little sprites included in the .rtf file itself
- Script/Gameplay-to-Fanfic adaption of Pokemon Pearl
- Script/Gameplay-to-Fanfic adaption of Explorers of Sky
- Scripts for certain flash animations I'll probably never make because I don't have Flash
- Recursive fanfiction that pairs to SuperShadow124's 'Trolls Unleashed/Chaos Armageddon' series (e.g. the destruction of my world populated with nothing but recolors results in all of the Trolls his series has in it, of course I haven't talked to him about it 'cause I'm inactive and shy as all hell, but w/e)
- An Old World, A New Regime / Old World, New Baggage (my fanfic based on the New World, New Way series, where Arceus takes all the good in the world and dumps it in Equestria, leaving humanity to destroy themselves; everyone prefers the whole 'petty conflict' angle to the nitty gritty 'fuck we're at war' conclusion)
  • Listening to: Drumfire (Theme of Joshua Radcliff)
  • Reading: The Conversion Bureau: Other Side of the Spectrum
  • Playing: Super Robot Wars Destiny
  • Eating: M&Ms
  • Drinking: Mello Yello

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*responds with a gentle nosing* It's not that wonderful.
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